Welcome to Community Volunteer Connections

We’ve supported volunteers and nonprofits in the TriCities region, since 1976.

We promote volunteer engagement, volunteer opportunities, run volunteer management programs, hosted learning opportunities, and networking events.

what we do

  • Advance Volunteer Participation
  • Promote Volunteer Opportunities
  • Support Inclusion & Diversity
  • Champion Volunteer Management
  • Connect Volunteers and Nonprofits
  • Amplify Volunteer Management

Creating Great Communities by harnessing the power of volunteers!

Is volunteering right for you?

We’re here to help you find volunteer opportunities and connect you with a cause and your community. It’s what we do.


Do you Need volunteers?

If you’re a charity, society, grassroots organization, public agency, or social impact organization, we can help you recruit volunteers.


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Our Impact

Since 1976, the Community Volunteer Services Program has connected volunteers with not-for-profits, resulting in increased levels of community engagement for students, seniors, working adults and newcomers. Volunteers and not-for-profits receive (1:1) support, volunteer recruitment information and access to the Volunteer Opportunities Database listing. The Volunteer Voice newsletter is a bi-weekly newsletter promoting community engagement opportunities.

Our Testimonials

Thank you again for including the volunteer positions in the newsletter! We have already heard from potential volunteers, thanks to your help and the newsletter!  My team and I are at a loss for words for the amazing support you have provided us in this journey.

~ Future Majority

What a wonderful ambassador you have in Danielle!  She shared ideas with me about creating a volunteer fair in our community.  She was AMAZING – gave me all kinds of ideas and sent me lots of links to support and suggestions. I am so grateful to have connected with her and wanted you to know she’s fantastic!

~ Trudy Hallam

Again, I don’t know how many times I have already thanked you, but we are forever grateful for learning about you and involving ourselves with the Community Volunteer Connections community! 

~ The Upside Project

Follow Your Heart

“Everybody, every human being that has a mind, wants to be engaged, wants to do something and wants to contribute to something.”

– Ethel Blondin-Andrew

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