Arman’s Story: Making a Positive Impact

“The best part of volunteering at the Riverview Lodges, is that you can have a very direct impact on the residents’ quality of life.”

Here is the story of Arman, one of our volunteers who has helped make a positive impact in the lives of residents at Riverview Lodges. 

My time at Riverview Lodges

I volunteered at Riverview Lodges for three years, and still occasionally returns to check on the residents. During my time there, my efforts went to ensuring the residents had the best quality of life he could offer. 

I helped residents with one-on-one exercise in the gym, took residents hiking, conversed and joked with them frequently, played games and led group recreational activities. I subsequently built lasting relationships with residents of all ages and abilities through many sessions of sharing and listening about their lives. 

My takeaway from volunteering

During my time at Riverview Lodges, I was able to witness the resilience and beauty of the human spirit. This eventually solidified my interest in helping residents professionally. 

The best part of volunteering is that you can have a very direct impact on the residents’ quality of life. Many of the residents are affected by disorders that are chronic and preclude them from living a fully independent life in the community. By spending time with residents, you enriched both their lives and yours. 


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