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We're a governance board of volunteers who contribute our time and energy to provide leadership and commitment to the delivery of our mission.

Our goal is to bring on candidates that are committed to serving and participating in the growth of our organization.

If you have experience in public relations, marketing, fundraising, not-for-profit management, volunteer management, or risk management, it would be an asset but we're willing to consider all candidates from different backgrounds and experiences.

Applicants will be screened before being invited to attend meetings and stand for election by the general membership at the Annual General Meeting on September 23, 2020.

During the screening process, you will be asked to speak briefly about your commitment to volunteerism and highlight the qualities you think would make an ideal director.


To provide leadership, governance, and oversight to the operations of Community Volunteer Connections.


  • Each Director is elected to fill a two-year term.
  • Directors may stand for re-election to the Board at subsequent Annual General Meetings to a maximum of six consecutive years.
  • Each Director is expected to regularly attend six general board meetings a year and join a sub-committee.
  • Meetings are scheduled from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.


Each Director is responsible for good governance and management of the Society, as dictated by the BC Society Act.

Board members are stewards of public funds and must act with the highest degree of integrity and ethical behaviours.

Working with senior staff, directors are expected to participate in annual planning sessions to ensure financial and operational goals are set.

Directors are also responsible for participating in committees to ensure policies and the bylaws are updated as needed.

Directors are expected to use due diligence in reviewing and approving financial and legal documents, as well as board meeting documents.

Directors provide proper financial oversight by reviewing financial statements, ensuring proper financial controls are in place, and regularly review spending and organizational accounts.

Directors are expected to enhance our public standing by actively promoting our mission and accomplishments to the public, and by means of personal contacts, assist in the cultivation of partnerships.

Directors are responsible for recruiting new board members, assessing board performance, and are required to contribute to a respectful and positive board environment through consensus and respectful discussion.

Directors are asked to serve in an executive role (treasurer, secretary, chair, or vice-chair) or standing committee, as needed.

We are looking for four board members, and accepting applicants up to September, prior to our AGM. 

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