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Grant amounts of up to $300,000 per fiscal year. Depending on the stream, anywhere from 60% to 100% of the costs are covered!
Applications are currently being accepted. Non-profits are eligible.

There are three different training streams.

  • Stream 1: Foundational Training Stream – This stream supports unemployed, underemployed and low-skilled British Columbians to obtain the essential, transferrable and certified skills to increase their job security and obtain good-paying jobs. Industry or sector certification, apprenticeship, trades training, early childhood education certification and accredited essential skills training fall under this category.
  • Stream 2: Technical Skills Training Stream – This stream supports employers to train current or new employees in technical skills in response to automation and technological advancements, such as new software, technology or machinery.
  • Stream 3: Workforce Training Stream – This stream supports employers to upgrade their employees’ skills and develop their workforce.
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