The majority of non-profits in Canada are led by a volunteer board of directors, who are elected by their members. If you’re interested in volunteering on CVC’s board, learn more about our mission here.

CVC Directors

Aadim Rajan
Aadim Rajan – Director

Research and Teaching Assistant, UBC School of Business

Human Capital | Strategic Management | BCOM (Hons) ’22 (Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management). If the HR profession can continue to enable employees to be more effective and can simultaneously support more evidenced-based, data-driven decision-making, I believe the profession will be in a unique position to enable organizational and even societal change.

Annie X BoD
Annie Xiao – Treasurer

CPA, CGA, MA, EPC, Director of Finance

Annie Xiao is a Certified General Accountant and Chartered Professional Accountant, has held a variety of senior finance positions, and is currently the Director of Finance for Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver, B.C.Annie is also a dedicated volunteer, serving as a CPA Mentor. She has distinguished herself as the Chartered Professional Accountants of BC Burnaby/ New Westminster Chapter Communications Committee Chair, and the CGA Burnaby/Royal City Chapter Social Director. In addition, Annie is a strata council member and treasurer, and has a passion for life coaching to aid people with improving their lives. 

Jennica Palecek – Director

Commercial Real Estate Advisor, Colliers

Jennica Palecek is a Commercial Real Estate Advisor on the leading team across Canada at Colliers, where she supports local, national, and global businesses with their real estate strategies. She previously worked in Finance in Brazil and New York. She serves as a Board Member for Community Volunteer Connections, MADD Canada, and was most recently nominated to The Canadian Mental Health Association, a national organization supporting mental health in 330+ communities.

Judy Aird – Chair

Retired Director of Volunteer Services, Vancouver Botanical Gardens

Judy Aird has served on the CVC Board since September 2020 and has served as Chair since January 2022.  Now retired, she has held a lifelong passion for volunteerism and the nonprofit sector.  She spent her career working with nonprofit organizations holding positions in small and large ones – from the Whitehorse Women’s Centre in the Yukon to the Heart and Stroke Foundation in metro Vancouver, Judy has developed and led volunteer teams.  And finally, with the VanDusen Botanical Garden Association (later the Vancouver Botanical Garden Association), as the Director of Volunteer Services, where she provided leadership to a vast volunteer army and committees and developed and oversaw select programs.  Judy is honoured that she may bring that experience to lead the CVC Board at this pivotal time.

Leo Kiu – Director

Regional Manager, S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

Leo is a passionate and committed person who believes in social justice through working in social services and dedicated to community participation. With a Master’s degree in social science research and a heart of helping the community in need, Leo continues to assist, support and advocate for specialized populations (i.e., immigrants, youth at-risk, people with disabilities) and seek more community support for them. Leo works at S.U.C.C.E.S.S. as the Immigrant Settlement and Integration Program Regional Manager. He also contributes his time to serve Community Volunteer Connections as a Board member since 2014.

Susanna Wuennenberg BOD
Susanna Weunnenberg – Vice Chair

Business Analyst, Translink

Susanna has extensive experience in management and business improvement.  She has been involved in businesses ranging from healthcare, death care, banking and finance, and most recently in transportation.  Her experience in medium to large organizations provide her with a unique set of skills in analyzing organizations and projects.

Board directors help shape Community Volunteer Connections by getting involved in the decisions that impact our organizations mission and values.

Board decisions influence our ability to support the people that volunteer in the TriCities, address our most pressing issues, and serve local non-profit organizations.

We need board members with a variety of skills to achieve our organizational goals. 

Nikki BoD
Nikki Kasravi – Secretary

CEO, Kasra Imigration Services Ltd.

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