Board of Directors – The James Black Gallery

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Volunteer Title: Board of Directors

Commitment: 5-8 hours per month, depending on committee or executive roles

  • Start Date: Feb 20, 2021
  • End Date: 2023

Location: 144 East 6th Avenue Vancouver, BC V5T1J5

A volunteer Board of Directors governs the policies and actions of the JBG. All Board members are automatically considered JBG members in good standing. We prioritize Black, Indigenous, people of color , queer, trans, and neurodivergent applicants. Additionally, we strive to have at least one studiomate collective member and representatives from our community at large.

Board positions are unpaid positions. However The JBG is in a unique position to offer space for events or projects to support board members in the development of their professional practices. We aim to uplift the collective members of the gallery and community at large. We recognize our settler colonial legacy, and are committed to the continual work of unlearning and dismantling these systems of oppression.

Board meetings are usually conducted in-person or via video conferencing software on at least a bi-monthly basis, and members may volunteer additional time sitting on committees, fundraising, attending gallery openings, and events as representatives of The James Black Gallery.

To apply submit letter of interest with CV or applicable history to:

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