Call for Board Directors

Community Volunteer Connections is looking for Board Directors to help us achieve our ambitious 5-year strategic plan.

As a Volunteer Centre, we believe it’s our job to make it easy and fast to access volunteer opportunities in our community. We do that in part through our award-winning CVC Flying Squad, which connects people to over 100 short-term volunteer opportunities per year.

We want to do more to ensure that:

  • Community Volunteer Connections will be able to get anyone who wants to volunteer involved in their community within a week.
  • Community Volunteer Connections will work with local organizations to streamline their volunteer engagement timelines, so that more people have more access to a wide range of volunteer opportunities. We will create a massive “entry level” volunteer pool so organizations can better find and engage experienced volunteers, and volunteer effort isn’t lost because it can’t be put to work right away.

The Role of Our Board
CVC’s board is forward-looking, thoughtful, and committed to building a thriving volunteer-based community. As part of CVC’s governance team, you will be leading the direction of the organization that:

  • runs successful initiatives to support volunteerism in our community,
  • directly leverages the power of over 500 volunteers, and
  • supports volunteer-engaging local organizations with top-quality services.
  • our activities are in line with our goals, stewards our financial and in-kind resources, and helps build relationships with potential funders.

Board Commitment:
The CVC Board meets every two months. Meetings are in the evenings, from 6:00 to 8:00. Board Members also serve on at least one Board Committee, with additional meetings as required.

Our Mission & Activities:
Community Volunteer Connections brings communities together by promoting and creating meaningful volunteer engagement. We:

  • connect volunteers to short-term opportunities through the CVC Flying Squad
  • provide support for people with developmental disabilities to contribute to community
  • manage Volunteer Programs in Public Health initiatives and at residential Mental Health facilities
  • organize annual Volunteer Festivals in Coquitlam and New Westminster
  • maintain an online searchable database and map of volunteer-involving organizations
  • host the Tri-Cities Seniors Planning Network

We do all this with four staff and over 300 volunteers. You can learn more about Community Volunteer Connections on this website.

Our board is currently seeking expertise in fund development.

We would like to welcome individuals with diverse backgrounds to apply.

To request an Application Package for our open Board positions, please e-mail Dwight Yochim at or call me if you have any questions at 604-529-5118.

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