Thank you for supporting volunteers, and their dedication to building strong healthy communities through civic engagment. Your support is vital to CVC programs and services, and the volunteers who play a key role in delivering essential community services. There are many ways to support our mission: volunteer, spread the word, donate!

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You make a difference! By donating to our cause, you help facilitate connections between volunteers and not-for-profits through diverse services. You help encourage civic participation, and increase inclusive volunteer programs.

Volunteers are vital to the work of not-for-profits like us. They help solve complex community challenges and we believe community engagement is key to community health.

In 2021, more than 600 volunteers and 70 volunteer organizations reached out to us to facilitate referals and promote volunteer opportunities.

Your information is secure. Community Volunteer Connections abides by current privacy practices regarding donor information. We maintain your information in a secure and confidential manner. We do not share, distribute or sell your information. Donations are processed through

"Again, I don't know how many times I have already thanked you, but we are forever grateful for getting to meet you and involving ourselves in the Community Volunteer Connections community!"

The Upside Project - Organization

Volunteering helps me be a leader. I like having to get out there and talk to strangers and take control.

Youth Volunteer

I'm looking forward to getting involved in the community and getting to meet some amazing new people. Your team seems like a really nice group, i feel good knowing I reached out to the right people. Thanks again.

A.M. - Volunteer

My team and I are at a loss for words for the amazing support you have provided us in this journey. 

Future Majority - Organization
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