Hi, my name’s Danielle. How can I help?

Do You Want to Volunteer?

We’re here to help you find volunteer opportunities and connect you with your community. It’s what we do.

There are three options to get started
  1. Select Volunteer Now Directory to search for current opportunities by cause, type, organization or location. 
  2. Subscribe to our Volunteer Voice newsletter, then just sit back and wait for news of opportunities and volunteer events, delivered to your inbox.
  3. If you’d rather speak to a person, connect with Danielle for information about volunteering in the Tri-Cities.  
For Individuals Needing Volunteers

Occasionally, we receive requests for volunteer support from individuals in the community with mobility challenges or living on a fixed income. We’re in contact with more than 150 organizations in the TriCities and if there’s an organization that can help, we’re happy to connect you with them. Connect with Danielle, to learn more.

Groups Wanting to Volunteer

If you’re a private organization operating within the Tri-Cities, with a focus on community engagement and social impact causes, connect with Danielle to start a conversation about how your team can make a difference in the community. 

Other Volunteer Options

Learn about volunteering as a mental health support volunteer

Learn about volunteer opportunities for youth

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