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We’re here to help you find volunteers and reduce your volunteer vacancies. We host annual Volunteer Job Fairs in the Tri-Cities and invite you to register for our Volunteer Now database listing of volunteer opportunities.

How Do I Get Started?

Are you a registered charity, non-profit society, grassroots organization, public agency, or social impact organization?

Are you listed within Canada as a not-for-profit? Do you operate solely or partially within the Metro Vancouver region?

Register your organization on the Volunteer Now database to promote your volunteer opportunities. Once you've registered, we can approve your application and you can start posting volunteer roles. Select the the 'Volunteer Now / Login & Register' button. We get a notification when you register, so we can act quickly.

If you would like to receive an invitation to our next Volunteer Job Fair, subscribe to our CVC Updates. We promise we won't spam you. We value your trust and will only send you news on events we host, or events that could help you and your organization thrive.

If you’d rather speak to a real person, Danielle will be happy to help.

Q - Do You Work With Any Organization?

We Work With Organizations that Meet the Following Criteria

  • Your organization is registered within Canada.
  • Your organization operates solely, or partially within the Metro Vancouver Region.
  • Your organization is a registered non-profit, or charity, or public agency, or a grassroots organization.
  • Your organization is overseen by a board of unpaid volunteer trustees or board of directors. 
  • Your organization is nonpartisan.
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