About the Volunteer Integration Program (VIP)

The Volunteer Integration Program supports adults with developmental disabilities to volunteer in the Tri-Cities. Adults are placed in volunteer roles best suited to their interests and abilities.

Adults in the Program:

  • Are referred by Community Living BC.

  • Are 19+ years old.

  • Live in the Tri-Cities.

  • Are matched to volunteer roles based on their interests, passions, strengths, and learning goals.

  • Benefit from volunteering in their community and sometimes graduate to finding jobs.

  • Receive volunteer training and support in their new role.



Community Living BC Partnership

Community Living BC (CLBC) and Community Volunteer Connections have partnered to support adult volunteers with intellectual (dis)abilities. Adults are referred by CLBC into our Volunteer Integration Program where they have the opportunity to work towards developing life skills, and their independence, while contributing to their community. 

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