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Membership Is Free and The Benefits Are Great! 

Membership doesn't have to mean fees. To us, membership means working with an active group of organizations who share in our commitment to providing high quality volunteer experiences to a diverse group of citizens. If you are a group or organization who recruits volunteers from or is located in New Westminster, Surrey, or the Tricities, that means you!

Discount registration for Volunteer Fairs

Our recruitment fairs are a great way to meet many potential new volunteers in one place. 

Lunch is included with your registration.

Our volunteer recruitment fairs are held in the malls of New Westminster, Coquitlam, and Surrey. 

Regional Volunteer Listings

Post your volunteer listings in our local Volunteer hub. 

More Exposure

We regularly promote our Volunteer Hub in social and print media. Community members know to look here for volunteering opportunities 

Post your events

We maintain a non-profit community calendar of your free and paid events

Get the word out

Finding places to promote your activities can be time consuming. 

Flying Squad Volunteers

You need a lot of volunteers for a short term project or event

We have them (With their permission)

We maintain a listing of 500+ volunteers that want to help with your short term needs. 

Sign up Today

Your completion of a survey IS your membership dues. The Annual Membership Survey helps Community Volunteer Connections capture snapshots of how and why you engage volunteers in your organization, and tells us more about your successes and challenges. 

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