CVC partnered with Community Living BC to support adults with developmental (dis)Abilities integrate into the community through volunteering . Adults work towards developing skills which allow them to become independent. Adults are referred by Community Living BC.

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I want to volunteer
I want to help someone volunteer

Program Requirements

  • You must have been referred by Community Living BC.
  • You must 19 or older.
  • You must be living in the Tri-cities.

How Does the Volunteer Integration (VIP) Program Work?

  • First, we want to know your interests, passions, strengths, and learning goals.
  • Then, we work with you to help you find a volunteer position you will love!
  • From here, we help you succeed in applying for and learning your new volunteer position.
  • Last, we match you to a Volunteer Partner if you need ongoing support.
  • Meet new friends

  • Make new connections

  • Network

  • Build an acquired skillset

  • Improve your resume

  • Give back to your community

I have questions!

Email or phone Joanne.

How do I Apply?

Once you've contacted Joanne, she will follow up to arrange the next step.

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