Take Part In Summer Festivals As A Volunteer

Have Fun Volunteering During the Summer

Would you like to create memorable summer moments while giving back to your community?

Why not volunteer at a festival! Communities and non-profits host festivals for a day or weekend of music, art, food, and activities, and there is no better way to become a part of the event than to volunteer. Volunteers are key to the success of summer events with countless opportunities for you to get involved and engage in enjoyable activities while simultaneously immersing yourself in the festivities.

How Volunteering Helps

From preparing the space to interacting with festival-goers, volunteering at a festival is a fantastic way for you to meet new people, create an unforgettable summer experience, and make a meaningful contribution to support your community. Festivals rely heavily on volunteers, since the work of setting up, engaging with participants, and cleaning up afterward is invaluable.

When you volunteer, you will need to be available for the duration of the event or a day shift. Depending on the needs of the organizers, you may collaborate with a team on a specific assignment throughout the day or switch tasks with other volunteers at intervals. Positions may include setting up the venue, managing crowds, running errands, staffing food and beverage stands, assisting with direct activities, and with cleanup afterward.

The Rewards of Volunteering at Festivals

Regardless of your assignment, the people you meet in the process will make all the difference. Not only will you get to join a team of fellow volunteers, but you will also get the chance to interact with the thousands of festival-goers who make up the event. You may even run into your neighbour. Equally, you will meet local artists and businesses, and you will get the chance to learn something new about a culture or make connections that may last beyond the weekend.

In addition to the intangible rewards that come from giving back, festival organizers also offer tangible benefits for volunteers. Discounts on tickets or merchandise, free beverages, and meals are commonly given to volunteers, and organizers even offer transportation reimbursement.

Do not miss this year’s festival season – take the opportunity to make a lasting impact in your neighborhood and community by volunteering. In no time, you will be a part of the event and may even make new friends in the process! Better yet, you can also enlist the help of your friends and sign up to volunteer together!

Imagine the satisfaction of being part of a team that brings joy and excitement to the community. By volunteering at these events, you not only contribute to their smooth operation but also create lasting memories for yourself and others. The sense of camaraderie and shared purpose is truly unparalleled.

Step forward, embrace the spirit of community, and let your summer be filled with purpose and fulfillment. Together, we can make this summer one to remember.

Need More Reasons to Volunteer This Summer?

  • Volunteer to explore a potential career field.
  • Challenge yourself to think differently about how you understand the world.
  • Develop a higher tolerance for change by stepping outside your comfort zone.
  • Form connections to your community, with others that volunteer, and the non-profits that host events.

Looking to give back to the community this summer? Community Volunteer Connections is your local volunteer centre with a listing of volunteer opportunities on our Volunteer Now platform. Learn more about where to get involved around the Tri-Cities.

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