CVC Youth Volunteer Survey 2021

Youth Volunteers in the Tri-Cities

COVID has had an impact on student volunteering, and as the number of students seeking volunteer opportunities grew over the last year, CVC saw a need to do a feasibility study. The study would help us understand the needs of youth volunteers, and to share the results with our community.

Students in BC are required to have 30 hours of volunteer work to graduate, and we wanted to know what volunteer experiences are important to them. What are their preferences for volunteering? What skills would they like to develop through their volunteer experience?

The Survey Results

Between October 20 and December 3, 2021, students from SD43 secondary schools were invited to complete a seven-question survey. One-hundred and seven students responded, with the majority of responses coming from Coquitlam. You will find highlights of the questions and a summary of the responses below.

1. What Benefits do you want to gain from volunteering?

    • The top three benefits chosen by the students were:
      • 69% said ‘to connect with people’
      • 66% said ‘to gain confidence in job skills’
      • 62% said ‘to gain confidence in social skills’
        • Close behind, the 4th most likely benefit was: 57% ‘to contribute to a cause I believe in’

2. When are you available to volunteer during the year?

          • The students’ responses were evenly distributed across most months during the year except for a slight decrease in April, August, September, and October.
          • 20% of students selected they could volunteer only during school holidays.

3. When are you available to volunteer during the day?

    • The responses showed clearly that students prefer to volunteer during weekends (86%), and after school (78%). Students were least likely to want to volunteer during the evenings (33%).

4. How do you prefer to volunteer?

    • Given six preferences, students wanted to volunteer ‘with friends’ as well as to ‘no preference’ as their main choices. At just 1%, students were least likely to want to volunteer with family.

5. What skills would you like to develop over the next two years?

    • The top three by far were
      • Leadership (77%)
      • Teamwork (73%)
      • Working with the public (73%)
    • Perhaps, not surprisingly, students who’ve known technology during their formative years – digital natives – chose ‘Social Media’ (13%) and Digital Arts (15%) as a last priority.
The Role of Covid?

This survey took place during the Covid pandemic. Will we see different results post-pandemic? We’re curious, will ‘connect with people’ be the highest ranked benefit students hoped to receive from volunteering? Is this a result of students feeling isolated and looking to volunteer work in order to join their community again?

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