Tips for Finding a Volunteer Position

Can’t decide where to volunteer? Here are five things you should think about when deciding where you want to volunteer.

1..How would you like to spend your time?

You are giving your time and energy to a worthy cause. You want to make sure that you feel you are making a difference in your community by supporting a cause you believe in. Check out the website of the organization you are interested in and learn more about their cause and volunteer practices.

2. What skills do you want to gain?

Volunteering is not always about sharing your skillset, but also about gaining new skills. Do you want to improve your English language skills? Look for volunteer work in group settings, where you will be able to converse with other volunteers and clients.

3. How responsible do you want to be in your role?

Do you prefer working in a group setting, or independently? Reflect on your personality and interests to determine where you’d be most comfortable. If you believe you have the leadership skills and experience, consider joining a Board of Directors for an organization you wish to support.

4. What type of setting would you like to work in?

Do you enjoy working in the outdoors and wish to support an environmental cause? Or would you rather work independently indoors? Now with virtual volunteering on the rise, there is also the option of volunteering from the safety of your own home. Many organizations have switched to virtual volunteering to keep their programs running and rely on your help to support them. Discover these opportunities today.

5. What’s Your Availability?

A few hours a week? Once a month? It’s all about fit. Reflect on how much time you have to offer. When seeking volunteer jobs, ask about requirements.

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