1.7 Billion Hours

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Volunteer Hours

In Canada, volunteers are generous with their time

Did you know that volunteers in Canada donate 1.7 billion hours of time and talent each year?

Here are a few other new facts about volunteers from Imagine Canada:

  • 41% of Canadians are volunteering their time to charities and nonprofits, that’s 13 million volunteers!
  • An average volunteer contributes 131 hours per year or 2.5 hours per week, which is equal to 860,000 full-time jobs

Volunteers help build stronger and healthier communities

In the last six months, Community Volunteer Connections has helped 40 nonprofit and charitable organizations find volunteers! These opportunities are for volunteers in the Tri-Cities and some from other parts of Lower Mainland communities. We couldn’t help these organizations and their causes without you.

Community Volunteer Connections has over 500 registered volunteers who are eager and dedicated to donating their time and talent to many different causes, and organizations they care about. Some volunteer work is for a single event, and some is for a longer-term commitment, some volunteers want to work in groups with families or friends and some are happy volunteering as an individual. There are so many options to volunteer in the Tri-Cities, and you are so very appreciated for what you do!

If you haven’t yet registered or if you know of anyone who wants to join our volunteer community, please register here. All registered volunteers receive our bi-weekly newsletter, Volunteer Voice which is where you’ll find all the current opportunities and how to apply.

Wishing you all the best in your volunteer journey!


Coordinator of Volunteer Resources

Community Volunteer Connections believes that volunteers, and organizations that support volunteerism, make a difference in the world.

Volunteers improve the health and well-being of communities by serving the needs of all people from diverse backgrounds and abilities.

Do you believe in volunteers and the work we do at Community Volunteer Connections? Please consider supporting us through a donation.


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