Volunteer Joy this Holiday Season

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The Gift of Time

Bring joy this holiday season by volunteering

When you volunteer at this time of year, you’re one of over 74% of Canadians who take joy in volunteering for local charity during the holiday season. Or one of the 85% who believe that the holiday season is for helping those in need.

You can find many ways to support local charities at this time of year. Are you interested in donating your time on a weekend for one event? Volunteering for a few hours a week throughout November and December?  Are you looking to give your time and talent to a unique opportunity or an ongoing program?

Another way to bring  joy to your neighbours and community

  • Ask a neighbour if you can help them with a chore or an errand
  • Write a thank you note to staff at a local community centre or charity
  • Invite an elderly neighbour or a newcomer and their family to a holiday celebration
  • Share your holiday volunteering or acts of kindness on social media and encourage others to give back too
  • Wish Happy Holidays to a stranger in person or leave a festive note for someone to find

You’ll also find listings for organized volunteer opportunities for the holiday season when you register with Community Volunteer Connections. With your registration you’ll receive our bi-weekly newsletter, Volunteer Voice. We’ll let you know which organizations are looking for holiday volunteers, what the opportunities are and who they’re best suited.

One of the greatest benefits to volunteering is knowing that your contribution is assisting people in genuine need. At this time of year, there are many who need your kind support.

Wishing you volunteer joy!

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