Youth Volunteer Team at the VJF

The Volunteer Job Fair

Community Volunteer Connections recently held a Fall Volunteer Job Fair at the Coquitlam Public Library. The event was for adults, seniors and youth to meet local non-profit organizations and their leaders, coordinators and managers to ask questions about their organizations, and learn more about their organization’s volunteer program. The event was a success, seeing over 400 people visit the Fair!

The Student Volunteer Team

CVC had help in running the Fair with a Student Volunteer Team of 13 talented youth from local secondary schools. The Team helped make sure the Fair ran smoothly and stayed within Covid protocols.

CVC’s Student Volunteer Team had a variety of tasks to do, from helping the Fair exhibitors set-up their booths, keep the line ups organized and socially distanced, keep the exhibitor break room tidy and clean, greet the public and answer questions about the Fair. The most important job was to make sure that the right number of visitors were in the Fair rooms to stay within Covid restrictions.

This volunteer work provided the Team with experience in working with the public, and learning new skills. There was a social aspect to their volunteer work too, building confidence in their social skills and making new friends at the same time, all of this while earning time spent volunteering to satisfy secondary school requirements.

Here’s what the students had to say

It was really great to meet many new people from the Volunteer job fair and be able to develop myself to be more confident while doing the volunteering

I’m very grateful for the volunteering opportunity! I liked how organized and comfortable it was to participate in this event and it was a nice way to get involved!

Volunteering at the fair was very rewarding for me and I especially loved meeting and greeting new people whether it be my fellow volunteers or visitors to practice my social skills”

It was a pleasure to volunteer at the Volunteer Job fair. It gave me a chance to improve my communication skill and help a lot of people, other volunteers were also very nice to me. I am happy to help the exhibitors and the people that went to the exhibition.”

I had a chance to visit the exhibitor tables and signed up for organizations.”

I enjoyed having a different variety of jobs to complete throughout the job fair (e.g. set up, counting, etc.). I did have a brief chance to peruse the different tables at the fair and I thought there was a good diverse mix of opportunities and organizations exhibited!”

 So, here we’ve had some great examples of student volunteer experiences, and the benefits of volunteering. If you’re interested in having your own volunteer experience, register with Community Volunteer Connections and receive our bi-weekly newsletter, Volunteer Voice, where you’ll find current volunteer opportunities.

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